Regain Your Garage: Simple Tricks for Getting Organized

organized garage

It is very tempting to store stuff you do not need in your garage. For many homeowners, the garage acts as a household junk drawer. Once you start storing general household clutter in your garage, things can quickly get out of control.

If you store everything from partially-used paint cans to holiday decorations to old clothes in your garage, it is time to get organized and regain control of your space. Fortunately, regaining your garage is a relatively simple task when you incorporate the simple tricks outlined below.

How to Start Regaining Your Garage

Read on to learn the process of transforming your garage from a messy storage space to a well-organized, efficient space:

The Assessment

Start by assessing your garage and the items you need to store in this space. List the items you use regularly and those you only use occasionally. That will help you determine the storage solution that will meet your needs.

Add some hanging racks and shelves close to the door leading to your home for frequently used items. That will make it easy for you to grab whatever you need without digging through boxes and bins in your garage. For items you only occasionally access, store them in overhead storage or high shelves to free up floor space.

Divide and Conquer

Get rid of items you no longer need or use. Then, sort whatever you want into groups, i.e., keep gardening tools together and sporting equipment together. Essentially, items used together should be in the same place. Place them into clear stackable containers with lids and label each container appropriately.

Get Your Stuff Off the Floor

If there is one thing you should always do when organizing your garage, it is to get items off the floor. That will make it easier for you to access things when needed. It will also protect your possessions from minor flooding or leaks.

When it comes to regaining your garage, it is all about available floor space. Thus, you should make the most of existing shelving, cabinets, and closets to conceal and store garage items. Elevate everything from the floor by using an overhead storage system, wall hooks, and wall shelves.

Call the Professionals

If you need help organizing and regaining your garage, there is no shame in working with professionals. If you lack the skills, energy, or time to create the space you desire in your garage, hire a professional who will create a system that makes sense for your particular needs.


Every garage is unique. Also, the contents people store in their garage vary widely. However, you can keep things in order with a little effort and careful planning. Motivating yourself to regain this notoriously wild part of your home is the real challenge. After all, you probably do not spend much time in your garage—unless you are a car enthusiast.

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