Why Get a Professional Property Valuation Before Selling

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Knowing the worth of a property is crucial whether you are a current homeowner, a first-time buyer, or a real estate investor. The value of a property indicates how much you could get for it when you sell it and how much you could spend on a new one. In addition, determining the value of real estate is essential for several tasks, such as sales listing, financing, property insurance, investment analysis, and taxation.

You can calculate a property's worth using various methods, and multiple factors can affect a property's value. You need a professional to find the right one for your property and establish the closest number. A professional valuation is critical in any real estate deal that you make.

Basic Concepts of Valuation

Technically speaking, the value of a property is the current value of all potential future gains resulting from purchase and ownership. Real estate is a long game where benefits mature slowly, unlike many commodities that are quickly consumed. You must consider the four primary components of value when estimating property value. They are:

  • Social

  • Economic

  • Environmental factors

  • Governmental restrictions or regulations

What Is Considered in Valuation?

Interior and Exterior

A structure's interior and exterior qualities are among the most crucial elements in valuing real estate. In other words, what is happening internally? What does the exterior resemble?


Another critical aspect of valuing real estate is the location. With two identical lots, you might have two similar structures. However, one will be worth more if it is in a better area. Think about the neighborhood's qualities first. Homes may appraise more in neighborhoods with convenient access to public amenities.


The present real estate market, as well as regional supply and demand, have a considerable impact on property values. Property values typically rise when there is a greater demand for homes than the currently available supply. Houses sell for less when there is a demand shortage.

Why Get a Professional Valuation?

Appraised Value

Your lender will typically require knowledge about the house's appraised worth when you request a mortgage. The amount of credit a lender—like a credit union or a bank—will grant you is determined by the home's appraised value.

Assessed Value

Residents who own property are subject to property taxes levied by the state and local governments. Taxes are calculated according to the assessed valuation of a house or other property.

True Market Price

A property's fair market value is typically understood as the price at which it may be sold in an open market when both the seller and the buyer are fully aware and uninhibited.

Actual Cash and Replacement Cost Value

The methodologies used in insurance to determine how much an insurer will pay out after you submit a claim are actual cash value and replacement cost value. The insurer will pay you back for the diminished value of your house and its contents if you have valid cash insurance.

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